Cloud Computing

Is your company still not using the CLOUD? Make the move and increase your business productivity with zero-stress.

Cloud Computing is an internet-based practice of using a network of remote servers to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer, which allows the user to access their data from anywhere. Companies or individuals subscribe to cloud services providers for their applications, storage, and digital processing to avoid the upfront cost and complexity of managing and maintaining their own network.

Cloud Computing is the general terminology used by the industry for any services delivered or hosted over the internet. The term Cloud Computing originated from the use of the cloud symbol that represents the web in charts and diagrams.

Migrating to the Cloud is the process of transferring your digital business operations onto a cloud platform. The transition involves transferring data, applications, and IT processes from your on-site servers and workstations by using the internet to transfer to remote servers to store and maintain data and applications.

To get you started, VMC will recommend which provider is best suitable for your business needs. We know and have experience with the cloud providers and their services. Trust us with the selection, once the benefits and advantages are explained to you. Whether you select Microsoft AzureGoogle Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, or any other cloud provider, we will ensure that your company moves forward into the Cloud for a more productive and secure environment.

Once Migration is complete to a CLOUD platform, you’ll have the security and control to drive innovation and growth in the Cloud

Some of the advantages and benefits you will be able to utilize once migrated to the Cloud:

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Migrating to the Cloud will provide your business and employees with reduced IT costs, better scalability, guarantee business continuity, increase your collaboration efficiency, and more flexibility. Book with us today!

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